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Retail: international and domestic giants play the attacking football

For quick access to, or rapid increase market share, foreign retailers willing to pay a higher premium to buy some that have established inter-regional network of company stores

End of the year 2006, Trust-Mart headquarters in Guangzhou supermarkets Tangxia are selected on the promoters of milk Ivy customer is always hard to recommend indifferent.

"Price swing, this week discount prices the next week." Ivy in IT industry, said she knew the news of Wal-Mart's acquisition of Trust-Mart, but also to understand the strength of Wal-Mart, the world number one, but she most want to get better and more assured of goods. "I like Carrefour and PNS can be a PNS in recent days, Hebei, Carrefour in the village on, I had no choice."

Like many consumers, like Ivy, like, in fact, 2006 sales will reach 350 billion U.S. dollars in Wal-Mart's acquisition of a sale of only 13.5 billion yuan last year, the Trust-Mart, for whom may not have much impact, but in the retail market, which the deal because of the "China market" the key words and concern.

Expansion of the theme

November 2006, total retail sales of social consumer goods in China 682.2 billion yuan, compared with 14.1% growth in same month last year. "The Americans brought China, immediately think of gold opportunities." United States, a venture capital firm's Chinese partner. If the acquisition of Trust-Mart and Wal-Mart, not only will the Chinese market pie, but also the opportunity to beat their biggest rivals in overseas markets Carrefour.

The beginning, it gave "M" This act Lenovo various lively face. Now, the face reappeared behind Tesco (tesco). The UK's largest retailer finally can not stand Wal-Mart, Carrefour, two from Europe and the United States of giant dinosaurs in the Chinese market, "wantonly trampled", before to 180 million pounds (about 350 million U.S. dollars) to support the cost of some Tesco shares to expand from 50% to 90%. What participants from the spectators transfiguration.

"Expansion of the retail industry is still an investment theme in 2007." Huatai Securities analyst Dong Hongyu Co., Ltd. in its latest research report so expressed. And support his reasons for this view is the macro business environment in 2006 remained robust retail.

"In order to quickly enter or rapid increase market share, foreign retailers willing to pay a higher premium to buy those stores on a certain cross-regional network company. Thanks to their capital strength, but also their in China cross-regional market is more optimal operational capacity. "Hua-Jun Huang, president of South China Business Network, said this trend will intensify in 2007, which will further demonstrate the strength of transnational corporations across the region.

Local businesses to expand in various ways, have also recently formed a regional leader in retail business, such as Brilliance Group, shares and other large companies. With the regional leading enterprises in the region in which the continuous expansion in the region of decreasing resources available to set up shop, the regional leading enterprises also went out of the national expansion of the road. In 2006, the largest New Town Plaza, the acquisition of Qingdao, Shandong Scholar Group, the people of department stores, supermarkets and so on Supply Chain Management acquire from the mountain, in 2007 this trend will become increasingly evident.

However, be cautious that, because China consumer spending habits in different areas of difference and advantage of the resources and experience weaker regional leading companies from outside Kuo Zhang, in particular a number of new stores Wang Wang will Mianlin adverse factors currently it is very difficult to see that domestic retail enterprises operating outside the headquarters can take the first ground. Therefore, how to handle outside the expansion of regional leading enterprises will be key issues for future development.

Investment focus

Specialty store and department store chain

In 2006, total retail sales of social consumer goods in China than in February by the New Year ahead of the fallout of lower growth factors, the remaining months maintained a rapid growth rate, and start from July, the growth rate on the rise. The Chinese government has recently made clear in the work plan properly handle the investment and consumption, the proportion in the national economy, increase the proportion of consumers in the national economy. Therefore, the long term, the development of the retail industry continues to face a good policy environment.

McKinsey Global Institute's latest research shows that in the next 20 years, real spending power of Chinese cities from 3.7 trillion yuan in 2005 rose to 19.2 trillion yuan in 2025, after Japan and China will become United States, the world's third-largest consumer market.

McKinsey expects housing, health care, entertainment, education, and transportation and communication will be the flexibility of the highest growth rate of consumer goods in the four product categories, including transportation and communication of the average annual growth rate of 10%, entertainment and education 9.7%, housing and utilities was 11.7%, pocket health care spending growth rate will reach 12%.

GF Securities senior analyst Ou Yafei in a research report that, by 2006 9 months 1000 the core retail business the latest data show, specialty, department stores, large supermarkets were up 17.3%, 16.2% and 13.6%. Based on this, the investment focus in 2007 will fall specialty store and department store chain industry.

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JSP variable in the scope of the specification

JavaServer Pages (JSP) and JSP Standard Tag Library specification (JSTL) to Web developers to provide many useful tags (also known as operations). In addition, JSP 2.0 also provides two API, which is the standard API and simple tags tags API, used to build custom tags / operation. Inherited from the previous API JSP 1.x, and due to historical reasons, the use by the JSTL. (Due to the development of JSTL 1.0 in JSP 2.0 before, so the new API does not include JSTL 1.1.) Moreover, JSTL does not use JSP fragment and dynamic properties of the new features such as JSP. This article uses the JSP 2.0 API and features of the new build custom tag extensions JSTL. This article provides an overview of API and demonstrates how to develop

鈼?Export variable tag

鈼?conditions of tags

鈼?iteration mark

鈼?dynamic properties of the tag

鈼?Coordination tag

Simple tag API Overview

In JSP pages using custom tags, the application server JSP container will convert the call ... as tag processing methods like Java code. Therefore, if you want to develop custom tag, you must provide a tag handler, such standards must be marked using JSP 1.x API or the JSP 2.0 simple tag API. Compare these two API, will find the new API easier to use. Only a simple tag API Interface (javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.SimpleTag), which defines the method of dealing with custom tags. Usually from the JSP container automatically generated from the JSP page in the Java Servlet to call these methods.

javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.SimpleTagSupport class implements SimpleTag interface, so when the mark when dealing with only the preparation of an Extended SimpleTagSupport doTag () method can be. The following steps describe how to develop a simple tag handler class:

Step 1: Design custom tag

First, you must choose a name tag and set its properties. Then, create a tag library descriptor (TLD) file (using the JSP specification defines the XML format) to inform the JSP container how to handle and verify the custom tag. Text provides a sample TLD file called util.tld.

Step 2: Create tag handling class

Must provide an interface for achieve SimpleTag Java classes. The easiest way is to extend SimpleTagSupport or one of its subclasses. In this article VarTagSupport, IfTag and WhileTag class for extending SimpleTagSupport. Examples of other tag handler extension VarTagSupport.

If you want to use is not specified in the TLD file attributes, then the tag handler must implement the javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.DynamicAttributes interface (such as "dynamic attributes of the tag" section describes the MapTag example below).

Step 3: Initialize tag handle class instance

Each tag handling class must contain a public no arguments constructor for placing the initialization code. In this article address some of the tag type (EvalTag, ListTag and MapTag) contains a public constructor without parameters, it uses the default values instance variables initialized. Other (IfTag, WhileTag and ItemTag) no constructor. Please note, Java compiler in the class does not contain any constructors to automatically generate a public constructor without parameters, this function does not do anything.

Step 4: Method of providing property

JSP page tag attribute values through the setAttribute () method is passed to the tag handler. For example, this article includes four tag attributes: var, scope, expr and type. EvalTag handling class implements setExpr () and setType () method, inherited from the VarTagSupport setVar () and setScope ().

Dynamic properties of interfaces defined by DynamicAttributes setDynamicAttribute () method of delivery.

Step 5: Implement doTag () method

The method used to implement custom tag logic. doTag () method by the JSP container, after following all the property set method call. Here you can use getJspContext () to get a javax.servlet.jsp.JspContext object to access the JSP environment. Can call getJspBody (), which returns javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.JspFragment instance, the instance that is located in the main body and between the JSP. If you work together to develop the tags, such as and (the last part of this article will be introducing its), you can also use the getParent () and findAncestorWithClass () method.

Step 6: Test the custom tag

JSP pages using custom tags to use the tag directive to import the tag library. When the custom tag in JSP page, when, JSP container generates the class instance to create tag handling, call the property method and call doTag () method code. Therefore, the use of JSP custom tag implementation of the page call tag will handle class methods.

Limitations and workarounds

To simplify the tag processing API, JSP 2.0 adopted a limit: If the custom tag processing class is based on the simple tag API, then the page author and shall not be used between the JSP 1.x statement (), JSP 1.x expression ( ) and scriptlet (). In most cases, you can Java code in JSP page to move to tag handling class, or in JSP 2.0 Expression (${...})( can use the custom tag's body) to use JSTL. Please note, JSP 2.0 allows you to standards-based API for custom tag to use the body tag scriptlet. However, because the script does not use JSP pages easier to maintain, it is best to avoid the use of Java in the Web page code.

My previous Oracle Technology Network (OTN) article, "Using JSP 2.0 EL API" describes a simple tag API, and provides another limit workaround. JspContext class is not available on the JSP implicit objects (such as application, session, request and response) of the visit. Most application servers (including Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J) 10g) allows to convert the JSP PageContext context

Tag handler does not apply to the use println () statement generates a large number of reusable HTML code. JSP 2.0 this work provides a better way. JSP tag files to use the so-called by the JSP container syntax is automatically converted to a simple tag on the tag handler API. Another one of my OTN article "Creating JSP 2.0 tag files", introduced new features to this JSP.

Export variable tag

Many JSTL tags to achieve a logical and export JSP variable to report the results. For example, contains a var attribute must specify the SQL result set to save the JSP variable name. var property on the other JSTL tags (such as and) is optional. If the var attribute does not exist, then these tags will output their results. Var properties all contain the tags also contain a scope attribute that can be used to indicate the following JSP variable scope: page, request, session or application.

VarTagSupport class (which is an example of this development) Extension SimpleTagSupport var and scope attributes for the provision of setting method. VarTagSupport contains export JSP variables, access to the main content and practical method of output, rather than to achieve doTag () method. These methods from the sub-class VarTagSupport doTag () to use. This article includes four tag for the expansion VarTagSupport handling class (EvalTag, MapTag, ListTag and ItemTag).

Please note, JSP variable in JSTL specification called the scope of variables in the JSP specification, called the scope of named variables or attributes. These variables JspContext class by setAttribute () method to create / export. You can use the JSP page $ (varName), and the use of Java code JspContext the getAttribute () or findAttribute () method to obtain their values. Do not confuse the JSP tag variables and attributes.



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PS7.0 landscape plan to add a rain effect

2. Light rain pattering

In fact, the operation to achieve the pattering rain and snow in the process to achieve essentially the same, but the details of the changes in the middle or a little before the "snow" to "Rain."

Effect diagram is as follows:

1. We just open the photograph of landscape material map, also the implementation of copy "layer copy" of the operation, such a simple question Needless to say instead.

2. Sure to select the "Background copy" layer, then the same ibid case of the implementation of "filter - pixel of - dot" of filter operation, a "dot" of the dialog box shown in Figure 9, the unit fill cell size 3, this value determines the size of raindrops.

Figure 9

Figure 10 (after the dot of the image filter effects)

3. Now we get the results in Figure 10 there is still a point as the snow flakes were the following, we not only want to slice into granules, but also the color of them removed. Implementation of the "Image - Adjustment - Threshold" operation, open the "threshold" dialog box will set the maximum threshold value of 255 Levels, Figure 11:

Figure 11

Figure 12 (after the implementation of the image threshold operation results)


4. In the "Layers" panel will be "layer copy of the" mixed layer layer mode set to "color filter" copy layer "rain" effect into the background layer up, the effect shown in Figure 13:

Figure 13

5. Like rain and snow have dynamic characteristics, we implement "filter - Fuzzy - Motion Blur" in the "Motion Blur" box will be set from 18, the angle set to 75 degrees, shown in Figure 14. Thus, our results basically completed the rain, the effect shown in Figure 15.

Figure 14

Figure 15

6. But careful friend must have found that rain does not seem so vague it! Now we let the rain clear up, click on "Filter - Sharpen-USM sharpening" appears "USM Sharpening" box, adjust the "quantity" block plan to adjust the size of the extent of the rain. In this case the specific settings to Figure 16.

Figure 16

7. Thus, our results also rained out, the final results shown in Figure 17:

Figure 17

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Digital China to enhance profitability yet ready to fight a protracted war

Recently, Digital China announced first-quarter results in 2006, Digital China IT services grew more than 20% market share ranks third, behind IBM, Hewlett-Packard. Digital 20 billion in dollar sales revenue, IT services, the "star service" only 6.2 billion, not contributing its due share.

To the nation's largest IT systems integrator as split out from the Lenovo Digital China, in 2002 announced a transformation of IT services. Distribution business in the hope to find a bigger profit, "Blue Ocean."

China's IT services market presents tremendous opportunities, but does not represent a huge market opportunity for profit and revenue. Lenovo started with the times compared to the traditional distribution business, restructuring IT services are Digital China, an "adventure." Digital agency with more than 10 international brands of products distribution business in 2006 grew by over 170%. China IT services market still in its infancy, there are data, IBM, the world's largest IT services companies in China's market share of 4.2%, however.

Some experts think the domestic market and the user needs to understand and grasp that Digital China and other advantages of domestic firms, but provides overall consulting services are still dominated by IBM and other multinational companies. So, faced with competition in IT services, IT services, Digital still need to increase investment.

"IT services are split after the development of business associations, at the input of the current task is bigger and stronger, not profit." President and CEO of Digital China, said Guo Wei, "From market share, enterprise competitiveness and all aspects of customer value perspective, Digital China IT Services to the successful transformation, IT services business of some of their profits into research and development and business development is the main reason for net profit growth is not obvious. "

He said Digital China IT Services will continue as a strategic development goals.

Compared with the distribution, Digital China's IT services business net profit margin high, more than 10% (sales of 620 million Hong Kong dollars, the profit 63 million Hong Kong dollars), with IBM, Hewlett-Packard little difference. This also shows that the "Digital transition to a service line of thought right." An industry source said.

The right idea can not explain the success of Digital China in transition has been. IBM and HP, whether profit or sales are greater than Digital. The future may compete with these two giants of the domestic IT services company, Digital China to adhere to in the end in transition, still face the test of strength and endurance.

CCW Research senior analyst Caokai Bin said: "IT service management level and large-scale test of the viability of domestic enterprises is the key to Digital scale operation should be more emphasis on ability."

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Christmas-Idea MOV to DVD

Christmas-Idea MOV to DVD is a All-in-One powerful tool, is easy convert MOV video to AVI, DivX, Xvid, MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD, SVCD, DVD video converter. The main features include: Batch convert MOV, QT files to AVI, MPEG, VCD,SVCD,DVD,WMV formats; Support different AVI video Codecs, such as DivX, Xvid, MPEG4; NTSC/PAL setting options for DVD, VCD, SVCD exporting; Change the framerate, image size etc as you like. Very user-friendly interface and easy to use. Very quick in conversion speed and no quality is lost! Key Features: Convert MOV to AVI, MOV to DivX, MOV to Xvid Convert MOV to MPEG1, MOV to MPEG2 Convert MOV to VCD, MOV to SVCD, MOV to DVD Convert MOV to WMV, MOV to ASF Support .mov, .qt files Support Batch convert NTSC/PAL setting option Support large video files, even large then 2GB Very fast and without any quality loss Very user-friendly interface.

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Explosion DVD Editor

Explosion DVD Editor is a powerful and easy-to-use DVD tool, which provides advanced storyboard and timeline editing. Hundreds of effects, including video and text overlay, and chromakey effect, lots of filters and transitions will allow you to create impressive videos, slide-shows and more. Make your home video and save it in format that you need. For your additional convenience we redesigned burning manager in the following way: now DVD, VCD/SVCD and MPEG4 formats are separated from each other to avoid confusion when selecting an appropriate format. Now you can select, adjust or just learn the aspect ratio of your video. The new version provides you with more flexibilty in controlling your video processing. Choose 16:9 (widescreen format) or 4:3 (fullscreen format) aspect ratio according to your liking.An included full-featured Audio Editor, will let you to alter, trim and mix audio tracks for your video project. Moreover you can select and edit necessary audio tracks in AVI and DVD files. Friendly and understandable interface allows you to perform all the operations quick and easily. AVS Video Editor presents a perfect combination of attractive price and high-quality performance.

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Bluesea AVI Wii YouTube Video to MPEG

Bluesea AVI Wii YouTube Video to MPEG is a professional and easy-to-use AVI to iPod Zune iPhone Converter, convert AVI file to MPG, MPEG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, VCD, DVD, SVCD, MPEG1/2/4 formats. also can support batch video files conversion of different video formats such as DVD AVI MPEG ASF MOV SWF at the same time. Besides, it also can support to burn VCD SVCD DVD. And best of all, it has a powerful video decompress/compress engine that convert whole AVI movie to DVD in 30 minutes! Except for converting AVI to iPod Video and converting Video to iPod,it also supports converting among MPG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, PSP Video, iPod Video, Zune Video, iPhone Video!

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